How To Become A Successful BHPH Car Salesman

So You want a job selling cars but you aren’t sure if you have what it requires. Based on your circumstances, selling cars can be very rewarding or it could become one of your life’s greatest nightmares.

I will try to make it easy for you by providing some hints from my sixteen decades of expertise.

The biggest thing to remember is selling cars isn’t about you. It is About your customer. If you keep in mind what your client wants and needs and do what you can to meet them, you will do good.

The First thing you’ll have to do would be to fulfill a client on the whole lot. Attempt to be there when they pull in as this may keep your competitor salespeople away from your own op (short for opportunity).

Let them get out of the car by acknowledging the customer with a hello. When they have all exited the car, use a pleasant greeting such as “Good Afternoon! Welcome to Used Cars San Fernando Valley my name is Tom and you’re?”

Let everyone introduce themselves and shake their hands, thanking them for coming into your store.

The Meet and Greet may seem simple enough, but It’s much more Complex than you would think. Over the first thirty minutes of meeting you, your client will form a view of you in their own minds.

Everything counts from your grin to your garments. Everything about You’ll be scrutinized. If the customer forms an unfavorable opinion of you instantly, all isn’t lost but you will have to work harder to close a bargain.

Once everyone has been welcomed into the dealership, now is the time to find out what your customer requires to buy a car.

If you ask a question Be Ready to keep quiet and listen to the answer. Lots of new salespeople think that they need to continue talking to amuse the customer. This is not true. The client would much rather talk about themselves for the most part rather than hear you.

Questions for them speaking:

“What brought you to our shop today?”
“Which automobile did you come to look at?”
“Did you see our advertisement?” Finding out if it was an advertisement that attracted them in is very important. Knowing which advertisements are working is imperative to your dealership so that they can focus on advertising that works.

It’s also very important to know what your traders advertising are, which Vehicles are at the advertisements, in addition to the price in the ads. You’ll need to know how the advertisement is organized too, is there money down or a trade reflected in a cost or payment?

This dialog should not last very long but will Provide you a couple Minutes to sense your customer out. If there is more than one, try and determine which one is going to be the mouthpiece (the one who will most likely answer your questions), but not dismiss anyone in the category as you never know what kind of influence every individual has over the purchaser.

It is also through this conversation That You Ought to try and Discover out Which portion of this group is actually looking to get a motor vehicle.

If there is only a single person, try and get to know as much as possible Can about them. Get them talking for once on a roll, a client will lay out everything for you which you want to close a deal with them.

The selection of which vehicle to buy is obviously the entire point of the consumer coming to your dealership.

If the customer is financing and wants to be at two hundred dollars a Month, placing them in a fifty million dollar car will be a mistake. It will be simple to get a customer to fall in love with a high priced automobile but once you get inside, you will be let down.

In Case You Have your customers drive a car they cannot afford, it will be Much more difficult to make them enjoy a cheaper automobile as much as a luxury vehicle.

If the client does not know what they want to spend or they will Not inform you, begin showing them the cheapest cars you have until you discover something that they enjoy.

If they choose out the vehicle, they cannot blame you for your payment being greater then they desired to pay.

You Will probably be using the four square-foot to negotiate the car’s price and payment. The four square is a fairly standard system which psychologically makes it a lot easier to make a profit.

In my bhph sales training, I teach that the salesman’s job is not to sell automobiles, it’s to earn a profit on the cars sold.

Cost: This is the last thing you wish to discuss as any motion in the price means less profit for your shop.
Payment: That is your main negotiating instrument. The greater the fee, the greater profit margin you’ll be able to hold.
Trade: this may be a manipulative instrument as any lowering of price will automatically increase the value of the trade without actually giving the customer more for their motor vehicle.
Cash Down: Another manipulative tool as more cash down will naturally reduce the payment.

Your best two instruments in the four square system is the cash down And the payment. Both of these boxes may be recalculated without decreasing price in any way.
Any price. Your need to get the customer to take mental ownership by telling you,”When the cost is right I will buy the vehicle today.”

Once you receive a devotion, either you or a supervisor will come in And close the deal. When you first begin, a manager known as a T.O. Will arrive in. His job is to bump the customer. The bump is becoming more Cash in the customer.

Try to ask questions that elicit a favorable response. Some Examples: Would you enjoy the car? Can you see yourself driving this car? Would you buy the car today? Nod your head yes as you ask these questions. Don’t stare but be certain that eye contact is made.
Mirror your customers activities. If they cross their arms you cross Your arms. This will definitely get you Psychologically closer to a client.
When you are at the desk, don’t discuss some numbers if the customer Is sitting there with their arms crossed. This is a defensive posture And is not conducive to closing prices.
Talk about anything other then the car till the arms become natural. Then go in for the near future.